Wedding makeup SOS

(Tips that all brides should know about wedding makeup)

Whether doing your own makeup or you have booked a makeup
artist here are some tips that I recommend for your big day that may prevent
some embarrassing moments -if you’re a bride this might just save the day!

  •  Do a trial run first or book a trial with a professional makeup artist,  this will allow you to try out different looks to
    suit you. I advice having an idea in mind of what you would like the makeup to
    look like before doing a trail run, avoid just allowing the makeup artist run free, this is not going to guarantee your happy with the end
    result, you may end up looking nothing like you envisioned. Make sure your
    clear on what makeup look you would like to try out by collecting images on Pinterest
    or off google.
  • Avoid heavy makeup application, or trying
    anything out of your comfort zone, stick to classic bridal looks that are
    timeless and go nice against a beautiful white dress, or if you are going for a
    more original look try to emphasize your natural features, with winged
    eyeliner, false lashes and lovely bright lip.
  • Make sure you purchase makeup products for touch-ups
    on your wedding day, 
     lipstick & lip liner is the main makeup must have, as this is
    the first thing to ware off and also setting powder, this will get rid of any shine or oily breakouts throughout the day.
  • Use makeup that lasts up to 24 hours,  you might be the type of person who never crys at soppy movies but on your wedding day the high emotions might take you by surprise. Be prepared by using lasting makeup products such as; makeup/eye
    primer, waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner and under eye concealer also AIRBRUSH foundation is amazing for long lasting foundation. Buy
    some TISSUES to keep those tears at bay (elegantly pat under eye area never rub!!)
  • Look after yourself, Make sure you follow a regular healthy routine
    on the lead up to your wedding date up to 3- 6 months before hand. Sleep well,
    eat a healthy normal diet, get plenty of exercise, drink plenty of water and have
    a good skin care routine in place.
  • Good Skincare routine, moisturize twice daily,
    exfoliate at least once a week, change pillow case regularly, remove your
    makeup before bedtime with makeup remover. Schedule a skin care/facial plan or
    microdermabrasion with your local beautician, all these things can be done well
    in advance of your wedding day. (if you think you have a severe skin condition it’s
    better to go to a qualified dermatologist/ skin expert for advice and a
    recommended skin care plan.)
  • Avoid beauty treatments the day before your
    wedding day
    , try to have nails, tan, waxing, tinting ect, no less than a few
    days before your wedding, that way if you have any problems occur there will be
    enough time to rectify it without panicking, may be worth arranging a trial for
    your treatments too so you know they will do a good job.
  • Have fun and enjoy the day! With your beautiful
    makeup and flawless skin!
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