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Anistasia Beverly hills -Fuller brows!

Essential makeup products for perfect fuller brows! Anastasia Beverly hills products are great for brows- depending on your desired look ( whether you want to achieve darker fuller brows, to fill in gaps or More subtle definition) there is something for everyone.

I’m going to start with the Anastasia Beverly hills brow kit-

This product is perfect if your starting out with brows that are simply out of control with no definition-

•Precision Tweezers - essential for brow grooming.

•Brow Powder Duo in Blonde or brown - Brow powder that is smudge-proof, natural brow effects, that is applied with brow brush provided. once applied the powder leaves the brows looking fuller and thicker.

•Eyebrow Stencils are the perfect tool for creating a flawless brow arch perfect for that fuller thicker and more defined eyebrow .easy to clean. Eyebrow Stencils are ideal for brow novices or experts alike.

•Mini Duo Brush , Mini Duo Brush also helps to tame and groom unruly brows, leaving them looking flawless, fuller and thicker.

•Clear Brow Gel -this is a best-selling formula which tames brows- can be worn alone for a natural appearance or used to set brow colour in place.

When I do my own makeup for daily use I like to just apply the Brow gel alone, but if you want the fuller eyebrow look you can build onto the brow with layers of brow powder until you achieve your desired thickness and definition and then set with brow gel.
TOP TIP -(that only the experts know)- For even further brow definition highlight areas of the brow bone with a highlighter or conclear pencil- apply as closely as possible to the brow line and blend outwards to give your brows further definition.

I will be adding more makeup tips soon- but for now enjoy creating gorgeous brows ! Diana J Morton Makeup Artist X

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